our food system is vital


of habitable land

is being used by the food system

2.4 billion

livelihoods depend on it

making the food system world’s largest employer

8 billion

lives are sustained by the food system

so it’s the single biggest driver of individual and collective health


of fresh water

is used for food production

$8 trillion

is the global food system GDP

food underpins a productive & prosperous economy

our food system is in need of radical change

from all we consume, food is the

most environmentally destructive product

in 7 of the 8 major pollution categories, is responsible for 18% of GHG emissions and allows 30% of food to go to waste

workers are systematically underpaid and farmers take on

risk without reward

it is a failing economy dependent on billions of $’s of subsidies, with a chronic lack of talent entering the industry

instead of driving health, food has become a

driver of disease

where food is responsible for 6 of the 10 top causes of death, while 50% of the global population is malnourished

We are at the start of the 4th revolution in food

1st – Neolithic revolution

domesticating nature to provide food for the village

farming, irrigation, hand tools

2nd – Industrial revolution

lowering labor intensity per unit of agricultural output

tractors, grain stores, railways

3rd – Green revolution

Pursuing maximum yield per unit of land or genetic input, at the expense of the environment

fertilizer, pesticides, breeding, antibiotics, growth promoters

4th – Health revolution

Moving to a resilient, regenerative food system that nourishes a healthy planet and population

data science, microbiology, precision everything, genetics, food as medicine

Commitments to Impact, ESG & SFDR

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