Why we invest in groundbreaking ideas in food and agriculture

The way we currently eat and produce food is fatally flawed, making the sector ripe for a transformation. 

F&A employs billions of people globally, yet it is a failing economy propped up by subsidies and underpaid farmers and workers, and it underutilizes technologies standard in other sectors.

Although no sector is more dependent on the environment and more vulnerable to changes in climate and biodiversity, F&A itself is the largest contributor to environmental destruction.

Half the world’s population is undernourished, while dietary diseases have grown to epidemic proportions, fueled by processed foods and unequal access to healthy alternatives.

What’s our lens when we look for candidate entrepreneurs?

Empowering farmers to improve their economic position in the food value chain and to produce more nutritious food in larger quantities while restoring the ecosystems they depend on. 


Accelerating the development of animal medications that boost animal health and well-being, lower the risk of zoonotic diseases, and preserve the efficacy of human medical treatments.


Improving consumer access to affordable, healthier, more nutritious foods to elevate health outcomes and turn food into an asset in the fight against dietary diseases.


What’s our investment approach?

Finding brilliant entrepreneurs and securing value for our investors takes discipline. Rules we live by:

We primarily do early stage, and we focus on entrepreneurs who leverage technologies that are underused in F&A but well-proven in other sectors, notably digital technology and biotechnology.

Our rigorous research and our extensive food, tech, and investors ecosystem are the two cornerstones of our process to identify long-term investment opportunities.

If we identify a groundbreaking idea but no company exists, we won’t hesitate to find the right people to incubate a company together. We have done so successfully multiple times.