Leveraging digital and biotechnology to help farmers, consumers and the environment is my passion. From growing up on a farm to founding a VC fund, there is no better job than to share this passion with inspiring entrepreneurs.

I have always had a passion for questioning the status quo.  For testing boundaries and exploring ideas that break through them to improve on what has come before.

Humanity is at a compelling crossroads: it has an ever-growing power to solve the mysteries of life and health and rekindle degraded regions. We can leverage biotechnology to increase agricultural efficiency and ensure biodiversity simultaneously. I find that fascinating.

With a training in genetics and biochemistry, I have to realize that we have developed tremendous levels of understanding in biology over the last couple of decades. Yet, the translation of this science into meaningful technology has been less than optimal. This presents us with an incredible opportunity to transform the food, agriculture, and health systems, armed with our evolving scientific literacy.

Food has played a central role in my life ever since I started to help my parents cook dinner as a kid. I liked food so much that I went on to study it, and then made a career out of it. I enjoy working with food entrepreneurs and helping them making a positive difference.

The kitchen is my happy place; filled with friends, treasured memories, and most importantly: great food. I love working with entrepreneurs to innovate to make the kitchen healthier, tastier, and more sustainable.