From AgFunder with love: Global agri-foodtech funding reaches $19.8bn in 2019

March 12, 2020

From Agfunder, by Richard Martyn-Hemphill

AgFunder’s sixth annual investment report — rather flirtatiously described by the research team as “our love letter to the industry” — is now officially published; it can be downloaded right here, right now.

There’s more maths behind this romantic agri-foodtech gesture than quills by moonlight: “Utilizing new advanced machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to help identify and categorize agri-foodtech startups, our knowledgebase has grown to over 29,939 companies, with new startups and historical data being added each day,” the AgFunder research team writes, describing a “painstaking” process of data curation where investments are tracked and verified over the course of months. The means the dataset “represents the most comprehensive and curated knowledgebase of agrifoodtech companies globally.”

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