Donors are increasingly investing in Agriculture

January 24, 2018

AGCO’s first iVenture Summit, AGCO Finance, AGCO Fuse Technologies and Anterra Capital have brought venture capitalists and young companies together.

“Today we bring Silicon Valley to Berlin, and Agri-Tech startups will showcase groundbreaking ideas for technological advancement and innovation in agriculture,” said Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO of AGCO’s Agricultural Machinery Group yesterday (23.01. 2018) at the first ” iVenture Summit ” in Berlin The iVenture Summit is a joint initiative of AGCO, AGCO Finance, AGCO Fuse Technologies and Anterra Capital, a venture capitalist specializing in companies in the food and agriculture industry.

Companies invest in startups

“More and more entrepreneurs and venture capitalists recognize the long-term opportunities in the agricultural sector and are increasingly investing in agricultural technology startups, and agriculture is no longer a niche for specialized investors,” said Adam Anders , managing partner and co-founder of Anterra Capital . “Investing in Anterra Capital along the food chain into technology-driven companies, supporting them with capital, expertise, and a network that transcends traditional agriculture and venture capitalists. “

Innovative Agritech companies focus on new concepts and technologies along the agricultural value chain. These can range from big data, cloud software and robotics to the development of new crops, irrigation solutions, smart fertilization and urban agriculture. Breakthrough technologies and novel solutions have the potential to make modern agriculture more productive, efficient and sustainable, says AGCO. Yesterday’s event provided a forum for innovative agricultural technology startups to showcase their business models.